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UFT API Automation End User

Orasi University provides virtual instructor-led courses using the latest technology in cloud-hosted virtual machines. Each course comes with access to the training material and software applications necessary for hands-on learning through your web browser. 

For more information or to schedule this course, please email or call 678-819-5300


Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is becoming more prevalent in today’s fast-paced application development landscape. Testing headless systems or systems that do not have a user interface is a critical component for a complete functional testing automation suite. Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software enables users to construct API-automated test cases to quickly and efficiently test your application’s services layer alongside the user interface.

Orasi™ Software, Inc. delivers a comprehensive UFT API automation instructor-led class to help organizations meet today’s automated SOA testing challenges. UFT API Automation End User Training is a training opportunity for automation engineers to gain UFT API scripting proficiency and is presented with a balance of lecture and hands-on exercises.

Duration: 2 days

Class Limit: 10 students

Labs: 50% of class time

Prerequisite: Knowledge of SOA and C# is encouraged but not required.

Target Audience

  • Automation Engineers
  • Quality Assurance and Testers Goals
  • Record, enhance, and play back UFT automated scripts
  • Create script checkpoints to verify data and objects in the application
  • Drive multiple sets of data through UFT automated scripts
  • Document meaningful test result data and report defects

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  • Introduction to SOA testing
  • UFT API interface overview
  • Importing a WSDL
  • Building a basic API test
  • Verifying with standard checkpoints
  • API run results
  • Data drive with parameters
  • API flow control
  • Custom events
  • SOA security
  • Testing REST services


This class teaches:

  • How to create UFT API test flow for web services
  • How to verify expected application results with intelligent automated checkpoints
  • How to construct a reusable SOA test suite driven by multiple data sources
  • How to troubleshoot scripting and execution issues
  • How to integrate UFT API and UFT GUI tests for complete functional testing

For more information or to schedule this course, email or call 678-819-5300


All available sessions for this course have been filled. Please let us know that you are interested in taking this course and we will notify you as soon as we schedule the next one. For more information or to schedule this course, email or call 678-819-5300

Training Material

  • UFT API 14 Automation End User Training Slides - Downloadable PDF
  • UFT API Automation End User Training Slides
  • UFT API Automation End User Training Exercises
  • Orasi Software Training Course Evaluation
  • UFT API Automation End User Training Slides - Downloadable PDF
  • UFT API Automation End User Training Exercises - Downloadable PDF